Molex Empowers the Industrial Infrastructure with innovative communication, control and connectivity solutions for a wide range of Industrial Network Applications.

DeviceNet Network Interface Cards

Data acquisition for real-time control applications

Brad® Diagnostics and Tools

Provides DeviceNet diagnostic capabilities that establish new benchmarks

SST DN4 DeviceNet Cards

NICs provide reliable and cost-effective solutions for industrial communication USB module provides a compact, high-performance DeviceNet* interface for PC communication

Brad CIP SafetySoftware Kits

Offers a set of highly-integrated safety services which leverage the underlying communications stacks of the standard CIP networks to transport data from a source to a destination

PROFINET Protocol Stacks

Enable customers to design PROFINET IO-Controller (master) devices such as PLC couplers, PC-based interface cards, robot controllers and industrial PCs

PROFINET Solutions

The open industrial Ethernet protocol for advanced manufacturing and automation

Brad SST Communication Modules

Available for various industrial networks and fieldbus including: Modbus Serial, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, and AS-interface

Brad HarshIO IP67 Modules

Provides a reliable and easy solution for connecting industrial controllers to sensors/actuators in harsh duty environments

Brad EtherNet/IP Solutions

A large range of EtherNet/IP solutions that connect, control and diagnose from the management level down to the factory floor

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